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Apr 29, 2019

Rose Usry, Director of the Senior Thesis program, stops in to chat about the Lord of the Rings, why she likes teaching Rhetoric, her experience with Christianity at Berkeley, and what the Senior Thesis program entails at Regents.




"Being on a podcast is hard."

Apr 15, 2019

Beck Brydon, Director of Athletics, joins Dr. Dan Peterson to discuss "the real UT", his favorite memories at Regents, and what it looks like to redeem sports for Christ.


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Tennessee Volunteers



“Who you are then….is who you...

Apr 8, 2019

School of Rhetoric drama teacher, Betsy Nowrasteh, and Regents Seniors (Casey Boyer, Jordan Bailey, Maddie West, and Emma Aldridge) stop by to discuss the upcoming Spring play: The Miser.


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The Miser by Molière



"I found that I'm actually not too bad at it."

Apr 1, 2019

Kyle Dillard, Associate Head of Grammar, joins Dr. Dan Peterson to talk about his favorite Grammar field trip memory, how Regents involves parents in the learning experience, the proper way to make a S'more, and tapping into student curiosity.


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The Getty in L.A.

Managing Oneself by Peter...